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Diecast model cars to buy

What's in the Van? - 15/16th March 2023

London, Hemel Hempstead & Stafford Services

I've really had enough of this winter. Mid-March and I'm still scraping the ice off, it was so thick and solid this morning that the scraper would not do it, I had to let the engine warm up and clear it with the de-mister. By the time I got to London it was warm sunshine, and raining when I got back to HQ. The hedges are starting to green up and the birds are singing so spring is not too far away.

Diecast model cars & trucks to buy

So I headed round the Oxford by-pass, south down the M40, clockwise on the M25 London Orbital and then into the East End down the M11. I know most of London pretty well, but the East End not at all, nor Eastenders for that matter, never having seen an episode in my life.

The City of London skyline is visible with its extraordinary skyscrapers, the Shard in particular, I also got glimpses of Tower Bridge from the tops of flyovers.

I was on my way to meet Tony who is downsizing. He's moving into a smaller property and needs to cut back on his collections (plural because he collects all sorts of cool things). He has started the process by selling a few models he can bear to part with. What he sold me was pretty amazing, but the remainder of his collection is stunning. He's a very skilful collector with great focus and his models are curated and presented superbly.

Little Wheels sells model cars

This is a selection of what to expect from Tony's models in coming weeks. The Eaglemoss James Bond cars are always popular and I try to have them available all the time, I have sold more than 50 sets. There is much more though, lots of TV & movie tie-ins and some very professional code 3s and repaints. There is even a 'Spy Who Loved Me' Lotus signed by Richard Kiel who played Jaws.

Diecast cars, buses and trucks

This is the Airfix Bentley kit in 1:12 scale and completed to a professional standard, beautiful workmanship. I've sold the unmade kit a few times but not had a built example before.

We sell toy and model cars

Here we have Lady Penelope's FAB1 from the Thunderbirds. It is a plastic kit, built by Tony and then turned into a slot car using Scalextric components. Again, beautifully done. I'm really looking forward to presenting this collection in our on-line shop, and to visiting Tony again when he picks out the next selection for sale.

From London I go back to the M25, take the M1 north for one junction and head for Hemel Hempstead where I am meeting Steve who has agreed to sell me his late father's model steam engines and trucks.

Pre-owned and collectable model vehicles

It's a small collection, but in super condition, these will be going on sale very soon.

There was not a lot of scenery to enjoy on this trip, mostly along the motorways, but as I headed home up the A41 I passed Berkhampstead which by co-incidence was getting a name check on my history podcast. We have arrived at the Hundred Years War, Edward III and the Black Prince who, when not knocking seven bells out of the French, stayed on his manor at Berkhampstead. Who knew?

There's a second trip to report on this week. On Thursday 16th March I headed out again, north up the A34/M40/M42/M6 to Stafford Services where I had arranged to meet Andrew from North Manchester.

Pre-owned and collectable model vehicles

This just looks so dodgy! Two blokes in white vans meeting up in a motorway services car park, exchanging cardboard boxes and doing a bit of business on the mobile. Actually I do this quite often in these circumstances.

Andrew had a really nice collection of buses to sell, needing the space in his home, and it was just too big and heavy to send by courier. Nor was it quite big enough for me to warrant a whole day in the van and a full tank of diesel to go and get it. So we agreed to meet half way. And I don't mind at all that his van is bigger than mine.

On the way home I went to see Luke in Bicester. He and his mum are going through his late father's things which includes a huge collection of 1:50 scale trucks and 1:18 scale cars. Luke's Dad had a man-cave in a big summer house at the bottom of his garden where most of this collection was being displayed. I was able to tell Luke I was more than interested in buying them and when he's got them all boxed up again I will be back to buy!

It's been a big week but that's not all. We had two collections delivered by courier into the warehouse. I've been happily dealing with Mark in Inverness for a long time, buying in his surplus models when his collection occasionally shifted direction. He's now moving away from cars to other collectables, so this time I took the lot. Mark is a very experienced collector with an excellent eye, his models are always of interesting cars from better end model makers, he also manages to find the rarer versions.

Chris in Doncaster sent me a very nice selection of 1:50 scale Corgi trucks. Both of these purchases are already appearing on the web store.

So, this Saturday it's back to Bedford for more 1:18 scale cars and next week to Epsom and Reading for Vanguards & planes and I guess Richard II and Henry IV on the podcast.

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