Austin Cambridge - 201

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This is a very good model indeed from the original Corgi brand launch in 1956, they were not all this good and it is truly one of the best. Production ran from 1956 to 1961. At launch it was available in a range of single colours taken from the full-size Austins available at the time, pale blue, turquoise and a couple of shades of grey.

In 1959 Corgi gave there cars a bit of a make-over and introduced some brighter two-tone colour schemes and for the Cambridge this consisted of green/cream, two-tone green and metallic silver over metallic green. A mechanical version with a flywheel/friction motor was also made (201M). Values are fairly consistent across the colours with the best price being for the silver/metallic green two-tone car.

Turquoise - 1956 release


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