Hillman Husky Mechanical - 206M

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The Hillman Husky was originally a two-door, short wheelbase estate car based on the Hillman Minx , more accurately it was a passenger version of the commercial version of the Minx, ie a budget priced estate car coming in a bit cheaper than the full-size Minx estate which shared its chassis with the saloon car. The next, Audax, version of the Minx also had its short wheelbase Husky version and the name was revived a few years later for the Hillman Imp estate.

The mechanical, friction flywheel, version of the Corgi Hillman Husky was released with the launch range of new Corgis in July 1956, remaining in the range until 1959. The mechanical version is found in cream, dark blue, mid blue, grey and turquoise. Of these colours look out for the turquoise version as it is valued significantly higher than the other colours. The freewheeling version is No.206 which was released in solid colours at the same time as this car and re-released in two-tone in 1959.




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