Triumph TR2 - 301

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Not part of the launch range - but very early in the life of the brand in 1956 came this simple little sports car. In 1960 the casting  was face-lifted with a new grille and transformed into the TR3a. The Triumph TR2, No.301, remained in the Corgi range until 1960. You will find it in cream with red seats or green with cream seats. A red version with cream seats is mentioned in Ramsay, but I've not found it anywhere else, it has probably been confused with the MGA which was available in those colours. Both colours are valued similarly

I've been looking for one for so long I've had to settle for this really bad example. It has lost both steering wheel and windscreen and has hardly any paint left at all. Also the base is so rusty I'm afraid it will crumble away. I've seen one restored with spoked wheels and it really looks fun. I might have a go with this one.  

Cream, red seats

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