Bedford Van ‘Daily Express’ - 403

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This was the first ever Corgi Bedford CA Van, with very many more to come over the next ten years or so. The Daily Express van has free-wheeling axles. The red KLG version was released at the same time with the friction motor. The Express van stayed in the range until 1960, the colour was always blue. In 1960 the casting was updated to match the facelifted 1:1 Bedford van by giving it a one-piece windscreen, a new grille and some other detail changes including removing the lateral ribs from the roof. At this time a new newspaper van was brought out; No.421 'Evening Standard' in black.

There were 13 versions of the Bedford CA from 1956 through to 1961, more if you count the AA van which was in both castings under the same number. It remained in production until 1963 and must have been the most prolific of the tin-bottoms. A Corgi icon. The last of all was the Military Utilicon Ambulance.  

Bright blue, white lettering

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