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Dinky made the Cresta and Corgi made the Velox. The two cars are very similar and I have to thank Wikipedia for helping me out with the difference. Both were pretty swish having big six cylinder engines but the Cresta was the up-market version having two-tone paint, a heater and a clock as well as leather seats. So now you know. I also think Dinky did the facelift version with the larger rear window. Corgi though had windows and realistic silver wheels, while Dinky had no windows and painted hubs.

I like this model very much. The car was part of the original 1956 launch line up where it was in a range of single colours; red, cream, yellow and blue. In 1959 it was re-released under the same model number in two-tone red and yellow.

Corgi put some newness into the whole launch range by re-releasing several of the cars in two-tone, they had been around for 3 years and this gave them a bit of a lift. To my mind it worked. All the two-tones look good, this is a cracker, I really like it.

In terms of value, the colours are all fairly consistent - except for blue which gets a whopping premium.

I'm really pleased with this example. The seller on eBay was very apologetic and said it might be a repaint. It is not, it is a true blue original in excellent condition. It even has a good range of accessory stickers to show off. However I guess it is probably run in by now.

203 - Vauxhall Velox (Two tone)

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