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Vanwall Formula 1 - 150s

page last updated: 22 February 2017


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The last gasp for the '50s Vanwall. Corgi really got their money's worth out of this model. They managed to stretch it out until 1965 when Formula One racing cars made this look like a dinosaur. However in its time it was an elegant and successful machine, being Stirling Moss' weapon of choice. This 1961 outing was always red with a blue & white racing stripe, racing number 25 and the car gets spring suspension and I believe a driver. Although driver, seat, steering wheel and windscreen are missing from this car.




It was a curious purchase. I won the eBay auction and in the feedback had a moan that the seller had charged a fiver for p&p. This would have been OK posted in a jiffy bag and postage would be about 60p, so it was blatant really. However my feedback was positive, never mind my Email. The seller had the cheek to leave me neutral feedback in return, only the second time this has happened. When I went back to the auction page to check what the quoted postage had been (5) I noticed that the car I had received was not the one in the picture as the picture had a full interior and screen. I contacted the seller and he sent through the correct car and told me to keep this one, for which I'd paid 99p. However the one he sent was a 150 with solid axles. So now I have two 150s with good interiors and this 150s without, getting two models for my 99p purchase (plus a fiver p&p).

I've included a couple of shots of Chris Davidson's car to give you sight of the box.

The plated item on the right is a real rarity and snapped up at a toy fair in Slough, Jan 09. There was a stall heaped up with scrap die casts, it was a dealer clearing out all the accumulated dross of years. Among it was this little gem. For 3 I got this, a Commer PB chassis with a good casting needed for another project, a Cooper Maserati from which I can use the wheels and a restorable Lotus 11 Le Mans. Bargain of the day I thought.

It says 'Trophy Models' on the bottom. It was part of a small range made for Marks and Spencer in I think 1961. They were all sports cars of one sort or another and all plated with red seats and red radiator grilles, mounted on plinths, which accounts for the holes in the bottom. I don't know what it is worth as I've never seen one sold.

Red, racing stripe no 25


Gold plated Marks & Spence Trophy Model



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