Four Furrow Plough - 56

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This is the very first version of the Corgi plough. Reading Van Cleemput's book it appears it was re-released later the same year in blue with plated ploughshares but keeping the same design. I've never seen this version and doubt it exists, however that is how it appears on the box. At the end of 1964 it was replaced by a new design which actually was blue with plated ploughshares and with the top-link removed. The new one just attaches to the lift arms using a cantilever type attachment.

This one fitted the first type Fordson tractor, the one with the solid front axle and headlamps on the outside of the griille. The later Fordson had parallel wheel steering and fitted the later plough. The Ford 5000 tractor also used the later type plough.



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