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Bedford TK Chipperfields Horse Box

Bedford TK Chipperfields Horse Box - 1130

page last updated: 22 February 2017


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This was the first outing for the new Bedford TK cab with a trailer of it's very own. The horse trailer though outlived the cab by some time. It had another outing with the TK as the 'Newmarket' re-hash in 1973 and then came back again in 1976 with a Berliet tractor unit. That's all in the future though - when this came out it was a knockout. A great model, good engineering and play value by the lorry load.

The red and blue Chipperfields version had a very long life from 1962 to 1971 and sales were high at nearly 700,000 never the less values remain fairly strong for this ever popular Corgi. There are three listed variations, it can have spun hubs or cast hubs, the labels can also have a green background, Values are similar for all.




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