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Heinkel Bubble Car - 233

page last updated: 22 February 2017


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The cutest little model that Corgi ever made. It was in the range for 10 years and was seen in all sorts of colours. The red one below is early, look at its flat wheels. The pink one is also early and could do with a clean - I want this in all the colours, so if you have one lurking about you want rid of in a colour you cannot see here please email me.

Funny to think that BMW revived its fortunes after WW2 by building cars like these





There were two of these in my childhood toybox, both horribly overpainted and both ripe for restoration. I think I was trying for a special finish here, silver rubbed away to reveal blue beneath - or was it just a terrible paint job

The Hienkel Trojan Economy car was made from 1962 to 1972, a very long run for Corgi. It also had a host of variations. The early car had flat turned hubs and possibly gecause it was the only model to use these tiny hubs they stayed that way right through the era of spun hubs and went straight to cast hubs at the end of the run. Colours are: red, dark blue, lilac, orange, pink, metallic blue, fawn and turquoise.

Interiors can be red or lemon

Red, lemon interior


Pink, red interior

Heinkel Bubble Car - 233 Heinkel Bubble Car - 233 Heinkel Bubble Car - 233   Heinkel Bubble Car - 233 Heinkel Bubble Car - 233 Heinkel Bubble Car - 233  

Metallic blue, lemon interior


Orange, cast hubs


Repaint from my childhood toybox


Repaint from my childhood toybox



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