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"ROADLESS HALF TRACK - This equipment, which is interchangeable with wheels, is suitable for fitting to Allis Chalmers, Fordson Major and Massey Harris tractors. By using a specially shortened drawbar and an extra pair of brackets, it is unnecessary to remove either the idler mounting or the swinging drawbar when changing over to pneumatics. The steering, handling and speed of the tractor are unaffected by the changeover."

Roadless Traction Ltd. Hounslow (Middlesex), England.

So this was a kit you could fit to your tractor, not just Fordsons but Masseys and Allises too. I think though that the last sentence in the quote from Roadless Traction is a lie.

It makes a jolly fine model though and this is one of the ones I owned as a child. Briefly though in this case. I was bought one by my older brother, took it to school and had it taken from me by a bigger kid, never saw it again. When I opened the package containing this item from eBay it was the first time since 1964 that I'd actually seen one of these. It cost a lot, but it was worth it.

This model was available under the same model number in both of the castings used for the Fordson Major tractor, The 55 casting with the lights outside the grille and steering with a solid swinging axle was used on the early releases. These have grey tracks. Later releases use the 60 casting with the lights in the grille and parallel wheels steering and have black tracks. As the Model 60 tractor was released in 1964, the year the half-track was deleted, there are far fewer of these and they are consequently worth a lot more money than the earlier ones. Both of them however are scarce models you will have to dig deep for.


Early release with solid axle steering, lights outside the grille and grey half-tracks


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