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Commer Police Van - 464


page last updated: 25 April 2015


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The beginning of another love affair -Corgi and the Commer PB- and it was a long and happy relationship. The idea of giving it a detachable back body was brilliant - was it originally a way of changing the batteries for the flashing light that led on to the idea of the Constructor set? Another thing. Commer vans are not Ferraris and the modellers could be forgiven for skimping on the detail. It is worth looking closely at these photos and checking just how much care they did take

The original 1963 release of this van was updated in 1967 retaining the same model number. On the later van the lettering on the side is cast rather than the decals on the earlier model and the electrics differ. The new one has an on-off switch, the older one has a combination of a switch and a cam- based flasher unit on the front axle.

Both are the good old Commer PB and based on the back-body swapping 'Constructor' set - only on this one the back comes off to change the battery or the bulb. I suppose you could put a milk-float back on this or a van, pickup or ambulance - but it would look a bit odd.

You will find British, German, Dutch and French versions of this van, all are in shades of blue and metallic blue except for the German vans which are green. The early British vans have decals reading 'County Police' or 'City Police', the cast lettering on the later vans reads 'POLICE', the green German vans can read either 'Police' or 'POLIZEI', on the French vans it is 'SECOURS' on the Dutch vans: ‘Rijks Politie’. Beacons can be clear, red or blue.

Values vary significantly with the version. The rarest and most expensive are the German vans with 'Police' and the Dutch export models. Values though are pretty high for all flavours of the van, the most common and lowest priced item though is the later dark blue British issue with 'POLICE' cast in the sides.



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