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The elephant's gone, but the cage remains. Here being sold as a single item it is better known as part of a gift set GS19- which I've assembled piece by piece. One thing that surprised me though once I'd got all the bits together was that the cage does not really fit that well on the trailer, not compared to the Corgi Cargoes which fit exactly.

Every part in the picture is from a different auction, the trailer came first, in a mixed lot and with no tyres. Then I got a dog of a red land Rover with the Chipperfields blue tilt on the back. This is it's third or fourth land Rover and this one is so nice there is no need to change it, it is very nearly mint. Next was the instructions, genuine and original - only cost 50p. Last to come was the cage and these are rare. They only cost half a crown new and then they had to be put together properly. On top of that the survival rate must have been small. step on one of these and they are gone. Which is why they cost a lot of money.

Now I need an elephant, and a hook for the top of the cage so the crane can lift it on and off the trailer.

The Elephant Crate was sold as a separate item from 1963 to 1967. There are no listed variations. They are not that easy to come by and prices can be high.

Chipperfields Circus Land Rover & cage Gift Set - GS19      


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