Monte Carlo Rally Set - GS38

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Monte Carlo Rally Gift Set

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Corgi had been doing so well with their Monte Carlo Rally Minis that they decided in 1966 to widen the appeal a bit and give them some competitors choosing the Rover 2000 and Citroen DS19 to release in rally finish. Here they add to the fun by putting all three cars together into a gift set.

The star of this set though is the box, there is a lot of artwork showing the cars in action and a large header card with more pictures together with a cardboard plinth for all three cars. It is one of the more highly valued Corgi sets at well over 1,000 for a nice one.


The models which made up the Monte Carlo Rally Set - GS38 were:

  •  321 Mini Cooper S (RN52)

  •  322 Rover 2000 (RN136)

  •  323 Citroen DS19 (RN75)

This set has been assembled using cars from my collection

  Rover 2000 Monte Carlo - 322  

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