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D I E - C A S T   S C A L E   M O D E L S

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[Volvo P1800 = The Saint] [Aston Martin DB5 = James Bond[ [Lotus Élan S2 = Emma Peel] It's just one of those cars from the sixties, heavily featured in TV series and movies that took on the persona of the character that drove them. For blokes of my generation this car will forever be associated with Diana Rigg and leather catsuits, and no bad thing - for those of you who are too young or cannot remember the Sixties, look up The Avengers on the internet and ignore all references to a rather dumpy Hillman saloon car.

This however is a good one in its own right. Opening windows, good dashboard & interior detail, opening bonnet and that Esso advert on the boot lid echoing the bumper stickers that were around at the time. I also just discovered that the line down the windscreen is not a crack as I thought it was, it is a feature of the real car and is probably the radio aerial.



The Lotus Élan casting was used for a number of different model numbers. You will see it with a hardtop, you will also see it with a detachable chassis. No.318 is always open and always has a fixed chassis. It was supplied new with a boot decal attached reading 'I've got a tiger in my tank' and racing numbers on a sheet for you to attach yourself. Production ran from 1965 and ended in 1967 or 1968 depending on the colour. Colours are metallic steel blue, metallic copper, white or yellow with a green stripe.

Green with a yellow stripe is from the Lotus Gift Set GS37 and the white car can be from the Avengers set GS40 but it is known as a stand alone model. All colours get a very good price, white especially so and copper gets a good premium over blue or yellow.


  Lotus Élan S2 - 318 Lotus Élan S2 - 318 Lotus Élan S2 - 318  
  Lotus Élan S2 - 318 Lotus Élan S2 - 318 Lotus Élan S2 - 318  
  Lotus Élan S2 - 318 Lotus Élan S2 - 318 Lotus Élan S2 - 318  
  Lotus Élan S2 - 318 Lotus Élan S2 - 318 Lotus Élan S2 - 318


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