Bedford TK Tipper - 494

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This is such a nice combination of the old ERF Earth Dumper and the newish Bedford TK tractor unit, the old ERF must have been looking very long in the tooth by 1966. To my mind it's a shame they changed the wheels. I like the silver turned hubs you get on the other versions of the TK. These wheels remind me of the rather poor Newmarket Horse Box that came a year or two later.

The Bedford Tipper was released in December 1966 and remained in the range until 1972. There are four colour variations, most of them are red with a yellow tipper, some red ones have a silver grey tipper. It is also seen with a blue cab and yellow tipper or yellow with a blue tipper. The blue/yellow variations are the hardest to find and worth the most. The red truck with a grey tipper gets a reasonable premium over the red/yellow version.



Here you are looking at my second go at this model. My first was really bright and fresh with excellent paintwork, but the mirrors had gone and the bottom half of the tipper mechanism was missing. This one came along in a mixed lot and although more playworn is complete, so I decided to keep it and to sell the other one on.

Bedford TK Tipper Truck- 494


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