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'Holmes Wrecker’ Recovery Vehicle

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  It was an odd decision to move from the very recognisable and British Bedford TK as the staple of the Corgi Majors heavy goods vehicle range and replace it with an American model never seen in the UK - and one that was as superannuated as the Bedford. However I'm glad they did it as this lorry is almost a piece of sculpture - a towering ziggurat of a vehicle ascending in rounded steps - and the Wrecker is one of the best, a brilliant piece of model engineering.

It remained in the range from 1967 to 1974 and I can only find one listed variant which is that some have gold jibs and others have grey jibs, the effect on value is minimal. There are a number of box variations too, but again they don't really affect value.

This is a fair example - the winches and jibs are not perfect and the horns are a bit wobbly, but it looks nice.



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