monte carlo mini - 339

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D I E - C A S T   S C A L E   M O D E L S

P L A Y C R A F T   T O Y S  L T D  -  L O N D O N



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  The last of the excellent Corgi range of racing Mini-Coopers before the introduction of Whizzwheels. This being a model of one of the BMC works cars entered in 1967 with a new touch - spare wheels on the roof. I've seen the original car in the museum at Gaydon in Oxfordshire and it doesn't have a roof rack now, I wonder if it did then?

These models were rushed out straight after the rally finished to get maximum benefit from the publicity. As a result the boxes were not always ready and there are inconsistencies in production of the cars which affect the value. It is the models in the temporary boxes with over-stickers that get the best prices, in fact about double the value of the cars in the correct picture box. You may see these with either the Austin or the Morris grille and with spun or cast hubs but this does not seem to affect value.


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