Chevrolet Impala Performing Poodles




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Was it laziness or opportunism that Corgi were exhibiting when they had just one more go with the old '59 Impala? The base car is now 11 years old. This is 1970 remember and the car is a '59 Chevy, a lot has happened in automotive design in those years. And all that it took to produce this model was to combine three past successes, the Impala, the dog van and Chipperfields Circus. It stayed in the range for a year and sold 100,000 units, around 1/3rd the average.

I wasn't just the poor quality of new releases which were signalling the end, it was flogging dead horses like this (or should I say dead dogs)

However the short life and poor sales of this model mean that it is now scarce and worth good money. There are no listed variations but it should come with a figure of Mary Chipperfield and six plastic poodles.


  DIE CAST SCALE MODEL WITH sliding windows,
hinged tailgate, Animated front panel,
performing poodles with trainer
Chevrolet Impala Performing Poodles  - 511