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Inter-City Minibus





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What the hell is this? Are we looking at a product from the same company that ten years previously produced the James Bond Aston and in 1960 made the Bentley Continental? Oh dear oh dear oh dear

In 1974/5 Corgi made an attempt to produce a range of simpler to produce, cheaper, high volume toys which were not modelled on real vehicles. The model numbers began with a 7. The '700' series of made-up toys, the Minibus, the Ambulance, the Tow Truck, the Security Van and the Fire Engine get plenty of much deserved spleen on these pages, however what is striking about them, against all logic, is that they photograph really well.

The Inter-City Minibus was introduced in 1974 and remained in the range until 1980. It is always orange with yellow and green paper stickers and there are no listed variations.

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