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ELF Tyrrell

Project 34

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Six wheeled racing car - wow. This is really a bit special. It is a startling looking car - the only successful 6 wheeled racing car, nor is is a common Corgi only being made for one year, introduced in 1977 it was deleted in 1978. You will generally find it in blue with ELF sponsor logos. There is a 'First National' version which is a lot harder to find and will get cost considerably more.

According to Wikipedia: "Along with the Brabham BT46B "Fancar" developed in 1978, the six-wheeled Tyrrell was one of the two most radical entries ever to succeed in F1 competition, and has specifically been called the most recognizable design in the history of world motorsports."

An extraordinary car and a well executed model of it moving the Corgi tradition started with the Vanwall in the late Fifties right up to date.

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