James Bond's Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me


James Bond's Lotus Esprit

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This is James Bond's Lotus in its submarine form. We get pop-out fins, a rear stabiliser and rockets out of the roof.

I still remember seeing the movie at the pictures and the cheer that went up when Roger Moore drove this car off the end of a pier and it slowly converted itself into a submarine. Given the way Lotus cars leak in the wet and the standard of fit & finish of the bodywork - they could not really have chosen a less suitable car - it would have sunk like a stone and stayed down there.

However the Corgi is a good one, the pop-out stabilisers are fun and the rockets really fire, although these days it is a bit risky as you might easily lose some of them.

In mint and boxed condition this is a pricey item. The cars are always the same (except for some gold plated ones presented to VIPs at the film premier) but the boxes differ. The one to go for has the instructions on a separate sheet rather than printed on the box - but to get full value you need the leaflet and all ten rockets still on the sprue.

page last updated: 22 February 2017