David Brown 1412


David Brown


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I bought this in a big mixed lot off eBay, I bought the lot just to get this tractor and then when I got it it was a wreck. It is a fundamentally bad Corgi and in poor condition too. Not much to recommend it I'm afraid. For me it is a wreck because all the working bits are messed up, the lift arms etc round the back. Other than that I guess it is reasonably intact.

Why is it a bad Corgi? because the engineering and modelling are lazy and sloppy, nowhere near the heritage they created for themselves in the early sixties. On top of that I never really rated David Brown tractors, not a lot going for it really.

The David Brown 1412 was added to the Corgi range in 1977 and was deleted in 1982. Although produced for five years it is not that easy to find and always gets a high price. It was sold as a single item and appeared in a number of gift sets including a really sought after one where it is mated with a tractor-mounted combine harvester.

page last updated: 22 February 2017