Ford Transcontinental

Michelin Articulated Truck


Ford Transcontinental; Michelin Articulated Truck

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Michelin Articulated Truck, Ford Tilt Cab Transcontinental with detachable Trailer, Flat bed truck with two yellow Michelin containers - 1109 with white detailing to cab chassis

This rather splendid truck was added to the Corgi range in July 1981, it remained in the range beyond the brand crash in 1983 and was only released in lid blue with a white chassis and yellow containers.. It combines the very good Ford Transcontinental artic tractor unit with the flatbed trailer both items seen in a number of rigs beforehand and the containers which have also made a few previous appearances. It is all re-presented in nice jolly colours and a Michelin Man attached to the front of the cab - as was once frequently seen on full size lorries.

There are some models designed to complement this truck, a big forklift to handle the containers and a crane truck - the black plastic piece on top of the front container is to allow the container to be craned off.
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