Commer/Karrier BF


The Commer/Karrier BF was a very common sight on British streets when I was a kid in the 1960s. They were delivery vans, ambulances, even buses, but significantly for me as a child, they were ice cream vans. It was a bigger van, around 1ton capacity, used when a Bedford CA or a Morris J4 was not big enough or tough enough.

Corgi Toys used it as the base for their Mister Softee ice cream van and an Army field kitchen.

428 Ice Cream Van

The modelling and the engineering are all well up to standard on this Corgi, including the sliding windows and the rotating ice cream vendor inside. The whole thing though evokes a 60's childhood and the new soft ice cream sold from vans which came around town playing their chimes. It is always cream over pale blue and there are no listed variations. Hell I paid a lot of money for this. For me it is one of the iconic Corgi models, up there with the James Bond Aston and the Batmobile. The prices they go for seem to back up my feelings, they are really one of the most expensive Corgis in any condition.

359 Army Field Kitchen

OK - it's an Ice Cream Van painted green with the Mr Softee cones taken off, but it is also an Army Field Kitchen with an army cook in there making grub. How many units of the US Army I wonder ran Commer BF vans? The Army Field Kitchen was released in January 1965 and deleted the following year. There are no listed variations. Sales were not great and consequently they are hard to find and worth reasonable money if you can find one.

Corgi Toys 428; Karrier Mister Softee Ice Cream Van Corgi Toys 359; Commer Army Field Kitchen; US Army
Corgi Toys 428; Karrier Mister Softee Ice Cream Van; Blue, Cream Corgi Toys 359; Commer Army Field Kitchen; US Army


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