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The Fiat 1800 and 2100 are six-cylinder cars produced between 1959 and 1968. Both models were introduced in 1959. A four-cylinder 1500 cc version, the 1500L, was added to the range in 1963. The 1800/2100 were designed by Fiat's own Dante Giacosa.

This casting was used on both the 1800 and the 2100. The only difference I can see between the two is the two-tone paint job, a Venetian blind in the rear window and jewelled lights on the 2100. You can see on the base-plate of the 2100 where they have re-used the casting for the 1800 and stuck a new piece of metal over the old name with the new one stamped on it! Even the patent numbers are the same.

217 Fiat 1800

The FIAT 1800 is listed in the Great Book of Corgi as being pale blue or light tan. The pale blue version can have a darker blue roof or be pale blue all over. The car is also in found in pale yellow, I wonder if the yellow and light tan cars are just versions of the same shade?Ramsay also lists a mustard yellow car at a good premium, the other colours seem to be valued fairly consistently with a small premium for the two-tone blue.

232 Fiat 2100

This FIAT is a revamp of the FIAT1800 released the previous year. The casting is the same and you can see on the baseplate there the casting has been adapted to show the new model name. The colour is changed from yellow to mauve, it gets jewelled lights, a venetian blind in the back window and the new spun hubs, all of which improve the car a great deal. In this new guise it was produced from August 1961 through to 1963. There are no listed variations

I suppose it's confession time regarding the Fiat 2100 below.

The premise of my original collection (now sold) was to gather all the decent Corgis from 1956 through to when there stopped being decent Corgis - early-mid 1980s, to do this I looked for Corgi Toys in good, playworn condition. This was mainly to keep down costs but it was also a sop to the 'Toy Story II' theory that toys are toys, not museum pieces and (if it is still OK to say this nowadays) I am genuinely fond of children and the fact that an item in my collection has once been owned and valued by a child gives the item a history and the whole collecting thing becomes less sterile.

This item though is an exception. This is a full-on, never touched by a child, mint-in-box example bought at top dollar, paid for through the nose for from a dealer - how many more clichés do you want in a sentence? Isn't it lovely? and it's the only one like this that I bought back then.

There has to be a story behind it - I still remember my father coming in with one of these when I was five years old and giving it to me. This was a very rare event - Christmas and birthdays only and not always then. We were not poor, but then we did not have cash to throw around and my father spending 4/7d on one of these was a big deal. Hell I loved it. It was so SHINY and it had jewelled headlamps and a Venetian blind in the rear window and it was PINK. Cars were dark green, fawn or grey then. Nothing nearly as exotic as this had ever penetrated rural Cumberland in 1961.

Am I going to confess and say how much I paid for this? Am I xxxx!!!

Corgi Toys 217; Fiat 1800; Pale Yellow Corgi Toys 217; Fiat 1800; Pale Blue Corgi Toys 232; Fiat 2100; Two-Tone Mauve
Corgi Toys 217; Fiat 1800; Pale Yellow Corgi Toys 217; Fiat 1800; Pale Blue Corgi Toys 232; Fiat 2100; Two-Tone Mauve


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