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Corgi 314; Fiat X1/9

Wikipedia: "The X1/9 started life in 1969 as a show concept car called the Autobianchi A112 Runabout, (known in Corgi-land as the Bertone Runabout Barchetta) with styling by Bertone under chief designer Marcello Gandini. It was designed around the all-new SOHC engine and gearbox from the front wheel drive Fiat 128, but used these parts in a radical way, moving the entire transverse drive train and suspension assembly from the front of the 128 to the rear of the Autobianchi Runabout, giving a mid-engined layout."

One of the better Corgi Toys 1:36 scale efforts, the usual opening doors and opening engine cover, but nicer than usual modelling, a pretty model of a pretty car. The Fiat X1/9 was added to the range in August 1975 and remained in production to 1979. The core range car (314) was either metallic green or metallic silver, both versions had tampo-printed black roofs, which rubbed as soon as touched, and black tampo printed trim. The doors open showing a nicely modelled interior and the engine cover lifts up to show that sporty little mid-mount engine. Both colours are similarly valued.

The next release was in April 1977 when the car was recoloured and paired with a racing powerboat on a trailer to make the Carlsberg Powerboat Set (GS37). The doors and the engine cover all open on the car and the boat is a true replica of a twin hulled powerboat raced in the seventies by Bill Brown. The model is always in the Carlsberg colours of white & green. It was released in April 1977 and deleted in 1980.

A racing version was released in February 1980 (306) and remained in the range for one year, this one is quite hard to find. I have never had one so I am using photos donated by Chris Davidson.

Corgi Toys 314; Fiat X1/9; Metallic Green, Black Roof Corgi 314; Fiat X1/9 Corgi GS37; Fiat/Carlsberg Powerboat Set Corgi Toys 306; Fiat X1/9; Blue Metallic RN3

Corgi Toys 314; Fiat X1/9; Metallic Green, Black Roof

Corgi 314; Fiat X1/9; Silver, Black Roof Corgi Toys GS37; Fiat/Carlsberg Powerboat Set; White With Green Trim, Carlsberg Corgi Toys 306; Fiat X1/9; Blue Metallic RN3 


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