Lotus Climax Formula 1


This is a definite move into 1960s Formula 1 cars and away from the lumpy old Vanwall & BRM; the Lotus 25 is an elegant and pretty design using same Coventry Climax engine as the Hillman Imp, and portable fire pumps - true. The Lotus 25 was designed by Colin Chapman for the 1962 Formula 1 season. It was revolutionary, the first fully stressed monocoque chassis to appear in F1, it was lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic than any of its competitors. The original sketches for the car were made on napkins while Chapman discussed his idea while dining out with Lotus chassis designer Mike Costin. The car was famously and very successfully raced by Jim Clark, but never won a World Championship, mainly down to reliability issues with the Coventry Climax engine, many a Hillman Imp owner would sympathise.

Corgi added the car to the range in December 1964 and it remained in production until 1969 when it was replaced with No.158 based on the same casting but with steering added and a rear wing. This car was finally deleted in 1973 by which time racing cars looked very different yet again.

No.158 is a pair with No.159 the warmed-over Cooper Maserati and suffers from the same faults, poor choice of colours, poor build quality and the horrible blue driver. I suppose they reflected reality in that little spoilers had been added front and back - just like was happening out on the track. Overall not a great success. It is a re-issue of the 1964 release No.155 which was a model of the 1963 season Lotus, here it is in 1969 getting spoilers and steering and being sent out again. By the time it was deleted in 1973 it was a ten year old racing car. It was always orange and white with a black racing stripe, blue driver and racing number 8.


Corgi Toys 155; Lotus Climax Formula 1; Green, Yellow Stripe; RN1 Corgi 158; Lotus Climax Formula 1
Corgi Toys 155; Lotus Climax Formula 1; Green, Yellow Stripe; RN1 Corgi Toys 158; Lotus 25 Climax Formula 1; Orange & White, Blue Driver


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