Mini Countryman


In March 1965 Corgi released the Monte Carlo Rover 2000 and Citroen DS, a Gift set containing both of those and a Mini Cooper, The Ford Anglia Ice Cream van, The Tractor and Beast Carrier set, the updated Jeep FC with suspension, Joe's Diner mobile canteen, the Saint Volvo and this lovely little model. All in one month. In the previous month they had released the Ferrari Berlinetta LM and in the following month they released the Ford Mustang Fastback. They were truly at the top of their game.

The Surfer Mini Countryman (If it is an Austin it is a Countryman with half-timbered bodywork, if it is a Morris it is a Traveller and does not have the wood - I'm talking real cars here of course (both Corgi and Dinky chose to model the woody version).

Surfing with the BMC Mini Countryman - to give it its full title - stayed in the catalogue from 1965 to 1969. It is a very popular Corgi indeed and will always get a good price. It is seen with either the wavy Austin grille painted silver and the body-coloured van grille, both versions being similarly priced (highly priced at that). The car is supplied with a male surfer figure and two surf boards for the roof rack.

Corgi Toys 485; BMC Mini Countryman, Surfing; Silver Grille
Corgi Toys 485; BMC Mini Countryman, Surfing; Silver Grille


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