Range Rover Vigilant

The Range Rover was still pretty new in 1972, being released as a new car in 1969, and still not that common out on the road, so making a Police/Paramedic version was keeping Corgi where it liked to be - with the new. The capitalised 'Vigilant' in the name of the Corgi Toys Range Rover implies an after-market specialist conversion along the lines of the Carmichael Range Rover 6x6 Fire Appliance. However a little time spent on Google returns no information at all.

The word 'Mazak' is stamped on the bottom of this car. Mr van Cleemput does not mention (as far as I can see) this word in his excellent book. However it occurs on the base plate of a number of seventies Corgi models. They all have one thing in common and that is a heaviness, a crudeness in the casting which is really not characteristic of the quality that attracted me to this brand in the first place. This a nice enough model though - but I do prefer the Dinky version.

There is a Police (No.461) version and an Ambulance version of this vehicle. No 482. There is also a Belgian export version of the Police model under No.483 and a Dutch one produced under model No.461.

I note from my earlier edits on this page that sale values for these were low, this is no longer the case and they are now getting respectable prices, even good unboxed examples.

461 UK Police

The UK Police version was produced from 1972 to 1979. It is always white with a pink stripe edged in blue. It was originally supplied with a Policeman figure, bollards and emergency signs.

482 Ambulance

The UK release Vigilant ambulance was made from 1975 to 1977. The Great Book of Corgi just mentions the all white version with the dark blue side stripe, however a red & white version is mentioned in Ramsay, this might be the Police version, which has a red stripe, mis-identified. There should be a stretcher party with two bearers and a patient on the stretcher.

Corgi Toys 461; Range Rover Police Vigilant Corgi 482; Range Rover Ambulance Vigilant
Corgi Toys 461; Range Rover Police Vigilant Corgi 482; Range Rover Ambulance Vigilant


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