Renault Floride


The Renault Floride was sold as the Renault Caravelle in the UK and the US, just in case potential customers thought it was something to do with treating drinking water or toothpaste (the name actually derives from Florida, where the concept of the car was dreamt up). It is based on the mechanicals of the Renault Dauphine which is no recommendation for anything. It is said though to be the inspiration behind the styling of the MGB, put a grille on the front and you can just see it.

This model marks a step change in the production of Corgis and explains quite a bit of their domination on the Die Cast toy business right through the Sixties. Dinky were still reeling from the introduction of Corgi as a new competitor with windows as standard and far superior engineering & modelling, not to mention bright wheels that looked like hubcaps as opposed to painted ones that looked like lorry wheels - and before they could recover Corgi introduces sprung suspension and seats as standard across all new models - beginning with the Floride.

It was a case of not allowing the competition time to breathe, never mind catch up; and on top of that came the characteristic Corgi novel features that always added a little more to a new and clever idea.

Here you have the air intakes for the rear engine which are actually punched right through the casting, fine detail throughout and a really pretty little French car to boot. Oh - and if you had a Dinky caravan this Corgi has the half-moon shaped slot in the base to take the linkage. Dinky had no chance.

The Renault Floride was made from 1959 through to 1965, colours are maroon, pale metallic green and metallic blue. Early releases have flat turned hubs and later cars have the shaped spun hubs. Early models can be spotted too by looking at the air intake in front of the rear wheels. These originally punched right through the casting, later releases have them blocked up. Look out for blue ones as they get the best price.


Corgi Toys 222; Renault Floride; Metallic Green Corgi Toys 222; Renault Floride; Maroon
Corgi Toys 222; Renault Floride; Metallic Green Corgi Toys 222; Renault Floride; Maroon


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