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Another fine model and a fine car too the Rover P6. The Rover P6 series (named as the 2000, 2200, or 3500, depending on engine displacement) was a saloon car produced by Rover and subsequently British Leyland from 1963 to 1977. A very classy and advanced car, let down by poor build quality, endemic in British Leyland at the time. I have a fantasy 'garage of all time', a list of cars which, were money no object, I would own in my own private collection. The Rover P6 (and P5) is right there, it is an all-time classic. I would have a late model 3500 in metallic dark red with a black vinyl roof and leather inside. I ought to make this garage a sub-set on the website as a lot of them are here, Triumph 2000, 59 Chevy, Humber Super Snipe, Jag Mk2, E-Type & Mk10, Citroen DS - I think I have most of my favourites

It is worth noting that the casting on all three Rover 2000s is unique to the model in the area under the front bumper. 252 just has a number plate with what appear to be over riders either side, 322 Monte Carlo Rally has small spotlamps in addition to the detail on 252. However 322 International Rally has an extra air intake grille instead of the number plate and its reg number is on the bonnet lid, it does not have the spotlights. Normally in a Rover P6 an extra grille under the front bumper signifies the V8 3.5 litre engine rather than the regular 2000cc in line four. Rover brought out the V8 engined P6 in April 1968, a year after the Corgi came out, did Corgi get a heads-up?

252 Rover 2000

The Corgi Rover 2000 was released in 1963 and remained in the range up to 1966. Most of the cars you will see are metallic blue, either light or dark. There are some metallic maroon ones out there but they are very scarce and very pricey. Even higher up the price/rarity scale is a limited edition factory launch model in plated gold. Trans-o-Lites complete the picture.

322 1965 Monte Carlo Rally

The Corgi Rover 2000 models are all nice and this one is no exception - the novel features being Monte Carlo trim, as driven by Roger Clark, and 'Trans-o-Lite' headlamps whereby a solid piece of Perspex carries light from the back window through to the headlamps. The Rover P6 was (and still is) a handsome car and this is a fine model of it. Corgi had been doing so well with Monte Carlo Rally Minis they tried a few more cars in 1965 and we got this Rover and a Citroen DS. The rally Rover stayed in the range from 1965 to 1966 and is always white over maroon. You will get a premium for a green interior and for a box meant for the No.252 Rover with over-stickers, all versions are hard to find and highly priced. Roger Clark's car was also in the Vanguards Range.

322 1966 International Rally

I'm beginning to smell a rat with this one. Like the Minis that were rushed out when one of them won or did well in a rally, this Rover was in a box printed for another car (the Monte Carlo Rover) and had an over-sticker. The rally is described as the 'International Rally' as was the 1966 RAC rally and the car has the correct Sun newspaper sponsored racing numbers for that rally. However the number (21) is off the Mini which actually came 5th in the RAC in 1966 and though there were three Rover 2000s in the race none had the reg no KNV 12E, which would have been issued anyway between January and August 1967, too late for the RAC/SUN rally in 1966 and the 1967 event was cancelled because of Foot & Mouth disease. Did Corgi just make this one up? I think we should be told. The Corgi was made just in 1967 and in small quantities so they are scarce, sought after and valuable.

Corgi Toys 252; Rover 2000; Light Blue Metallic Corgi Toys 322; Rover 2000; 1965 Monte Carlo Rally 6th; Clark & Porter; RN136 Corgi Toys 322; Rover 2000; International Rally, RN21
Corgi Toys 252; Rover 2000; Light Blue Metallic Corgi Toys 322; Rover 2000; 1965 Monte Carlo Rally 6th; Clark & Porter; RN136 Corgi Toys 322; Rover 2000; International Rally, RN21


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