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I was always jealous of the kids who got the funny comics, The Beezer or The Beano or The Dandy etc. My parents bought me more worthy boy's papers like The Eagle (which I loved) and Look and Learn (which I always found a bit worthy and boring). However I always looked forward to getting a haircut because the barbers shop had the funnys to read while you were waiting.

When they were feeling their way a bit at the start of Corgi Classics in the late 80s, early 90s Corgi released a number of their core models, usually in sets, which featured characters from the comics, even The Eagle.


Corgi Classics 98754; Bedford CA Van; Adventure Comic Beano 2 Pce Set, Biffo & Beryl Corgi Classics 96865; Ford Popular Van; The Beezer, Colonel Blink Days Gone Lledo DG071011; 1959 Morris LD Van; Dandy & Beano; Korky the Kat The Eagle Comic 2 Van Set
Adventure The Beano The Beezer The Dandy The Eagle
Corgi Classics 98755; Ford Popular Van; Comic Classics, The Hotspur Days Gone Lledo BU1002; Bunty Comic 2 Van Set      
Hotspur Bunty      

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