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Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, often shortened to Captain Scarlet, is a British science fiction television series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and filmed by their production company Century 21 Productions. Running to thirty-two 25-minute episodes, it was first broadcast on ITV regional franchises between 1967 and 1968 and has since been transmitted in more than 40 other countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. It is one of several Anderson series that were filmed using a form of electronic marionette puppetry dubbed "Supermarionation" combined with scale model special effects sequences.

Set in 2068, Captain Scarlet follows the "war of nerves" between Earth and the Mysterons, a race of Martians who possess partial control over matter. When a misunderstanding causes human astronauts to attack their city on Mars, the Mysterons vow revenge and launch reprisals against Earth. These are countered by Spectrum, a worldwide security organisation. In the first episode, Spectrum agent Captain Scarlet acquires the Mysterons' self-healing power of "retrometabolism" and is thus rendered "indestructible", being able to recover from otherwise fatal injuries. In this way, Scarlet becomes Spectrum's top asset in its fight against the Mysterons.


Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle Dinky Toys 105; Spectrum Maximum Security Vehicle; White, Red Stripe Corgi CC96304; Captain Scarlet; Cheetah Patrol Car Corgi CC96303; Captain Scarlet; Spectrum Patrol Car Dinky Toys 103; Spectrum Patrol Car
Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle Spectrum Maximum Security Vehicle Cheetah Patrol Car Corgi; Spectrum Patrol Car Dinky Toys; Spectrum Patrol Car
Corgi CC96302; Captain Scarlet; Rhino Armoured Attack Vehicle Vivid Imaginations Ltd 51006; Captain Scarlet; Spectrum Command Team Corgi 96398; Captain Scarlet; Spectrum Patrol Car & Cheetah Corgi CC96399; Captain Scarlet; Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle & Rhino Vivid Imaginations Ltd 58707; Captain Scarlet; Spectrum Vehicle Collection
Rhino Armoured Attack Vehicle Spectrum Command Team Spectrum Patrol Car
& Cheetah
Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle
& Rhino
Spectrum Vehicle Collection
Corgi CC96305; Captain Scarlet; Angel Interceptor Vivid Imaginations Ltd; Captain Scarlet; Angel Interceptor Jet Fighter Vivid Imaginations Ltd 51001; Captain Scarlet; 2x Angel Interceptor Jet Fighters Corgi 96397; Captain Scarlet; Angel Interceptor & White Falcon Corgi CC96306; Captain Scarlet; White Falcon Aircraft
Angel Interceptor Angel Interceptor 2x Angel Interceptor Jet Fighters Angel Interceptor & White Falcon White Falcon
Vivid Imaginations Ltd 51015; Captain Scarlet; Colonel White Vivid Imaginations Ltd 51012; Captain Scarlet; Captain Black Vivid Imaginations Ltd 51013; Captain Scarlet; Captain Blue Vivid Imaginations Ltd 51011; Captain Scarlet; Captain Scarlet Vivid Imaginations Ltd 51016; Captain Scarlet; Destiny Angel
Colonel White Captain Black Captain Blue Captain Scarlet Destiny Angel

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