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Christine is a 1983 American supernatural thriller horror film directed by John Carpenter and starring Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul, Robert Prosky and Harry Dean Stanton.

The movie follows the changes in the lives of Arnie Cunningham, his friends, his family, and his teenage enemies after Arnie buys a classic red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine, licence number CQB 241, a car that seems to have a mind of its own and a jealous, possessive personality, which has a bad influence on Arnie.

In September 1957, at a Chrysler Corporation assembly plant in Detroit, the hood of a newly assembled, red-and-white 1958 Plymouth Fury abruptly slams down and crushes the hand of a line worker inspecting its front end. Another worker climbs in to sit behind the wheel, letting the ash from his cigar fall on the front seat. At the end of the shift, the line supervisor notices the car's radio is playing music; when he opens the door to shut it off, the worker's corpse falls out onto the floor.

Twenty-one years later, in September 1978, awkward and unpopular teenager Arnold "Arnie" Cunningham lives in Rockbridge, California, with only one friend, football player Dennis Guilder (his car is the Dodge Charger below). Arnie's life begins to change when he buys the used, dilapidated Fury from George LeBay, whose late brother Roland had originally owned it. George tells Arnie several details about the Fury, including its name: "Christine". Since his hostile and strict parents will not let him keep the vehicle at their house, Arnie starts restoring Christine at a do-it-yourself garage and junkyard owned by Will Darnell.


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