James Bond Citroen 2CV

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In the Movie For Your Eyes Only Bond's car - Lotus Esprit Turbo - explodes. Bond and he and love interest Malina Havelock are pursued by evil henchmen in Peugeot 504s. The chase includes a mountain road with hairpin bends, an olive orchard, and a village. At one point the 2CV is on its side and is righted by hand. Bond and Havelock dispatch their pursuers with car accidents and make their escape. The car is on display at the Orlando Auto Museum in Florida.

It has been modelled many times  - actually most die-cast makers already had a 2CV in their catalogue, all they had to do was paint one yellow and it is a Bond car, even Citroen themselves released a 007 2CV as a full size car complete with fake bullet holes.


Corgi Toys 272; Citroen 2CV; James Bond, For Your Eyes Only; Window Box Solido 1829; 1979 Citroen 2CV6; James Bond, For Your Eyes Only James Bond #05 Citroen 2CV For Your Eyes Only Corgi Juniors 115-A; Citroen 2CV; James Bond Dark Yellow
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