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Mr. Bean is a British sitcom created by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis, produced by Tiger Aspect and starring Atkinson as the title character. The sitcom consists of 15 episodes that were co-written by Atkinson alongside Curtis and Robin Driscoll originally shown ITV between 1990 and 1995.

Based on a character originally developed by Atkinson while he was studying for his master's degree at the University of Oxford, the series centres on Mr. Bean, described by Atkinson as "a child in a grown man's body", as he solves various problems presented by everyday tasks and often causes disruption in the process. The series has been influenced by physical comedy actors such as Jacques Tati and those from early silent films.

Mr Bean's vehicle, a citron-green 1977 British Leyland Mini 1000 Mark 4 with a matt black bonnet, was central to several antics such as Bean getting dressed in it, driving while sitting in an armchair strapped to the roof or attempting to avoid a car park fee by driving out through the entrance. In the pilot episode. Throughout the sitcom, Bean keeps it locked with a bolt-latch and padlock rather than the lock fitted to the car, which formed a running gag in several episodes; in two episodes, he demonstrated an additional and innovative security measure in that he removes the steering wheel instead of the key which in one episode deterred a car thief.

I have found 8 different Corgi releases of the Mr Bean Mini, shown below


1:43 Scale 1:36 Scale 1:36 Scale 1:36 Scale
Corgi 61211; BL/BMC/Rover Mini; Mr Bean's Mini Corgi 96011; BL/Rover Mini; Mr Bean, Mustard/Black Corgi 04403; BL/Rover Mini; Mr Bean Corgi 04419; BL/Rover Mini; Mr Bean
1993 1994 1996 1999

1:36 Scale 1:43 Scale 1:36 Scale 1:36 Scale
Corgi CC82110; BL/Rover Mini; Mr Bean's Mini Corgi CC81201; BL/BMC/Rover Mini; Mr Bean's Mini Corgi CC82224; BL/Rover Mini; Mr Bean, With Cartoon Figure Corgi 04438; BL/Rover Mini; Mr Bean, With White Metal Figure
2001 2003 2003
With cartoon Mr Bean figure
With white metal Mr Bean figure

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