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The Prisoner is a 1967 British television series about an unnamed British intelligence agent who is abducted and imprisoned in a mysterious coastal village. A single series of 17 episodes was filmed between September 1966 and January 1968, with exterior location filming in Portmeirion in Wales.

The series follows a British man (Patrick McGoohan) who, after abruptly and angrily resigning from his high-ranking government job apparently a secret service post prepares to make a hurried departure from the country. The most he will later reveal about his resignation is that it was a "matter of conscience". While packing his luggage, he is rendered unconscious by knockout gas piped into his London home. When he wakes, he finds himself in a re-creation of the interior of his home, located in a mysterious coastal "village" within which he is held captive, isolated from the mainland by mountains and sea.

Although internal physical movement of residents around the Village is unconstrained, the premises are secured by numerous high-tech monitoring systems and security forces, including a balloon-like automaton called Rover, that recaptures or kills those who attempt escape. The man encounters the Village's population, hundreds of people from all walks of life and cultures, all seeming to be peacefully and mostly enjoyably living out their lives.

The Lotus: The title sequence begins with a clouded sky and the sound of thunder, the latter becoming that of a jet engine. As the theme music begins a runway appears and a Lotus Super Seven drives under the camera. The view dissolves to reveal a stern-faced man, the future Number Six, driving past the Houses of Parliament in London, into an underground car park.

The Mini Moke is seen driving around the village


DeAgostini; Lotus 7 Sports; The Prisoner TV Show Universal Hobbies 10; Mini Moke; The Prisoner

DeAgostini; Lotus 7 Sports; The Prisoner TV Show

Universal Hobbies 10; Mini Moke; The Prisoner

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