Thunderbird 2

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Thunderbird 2 is International Rescue's heavy-duty transporter aircraft, green in colour, which carries rescue equipment to the danger zone in one of 6 pods (including Thunderbird 4 in Pod 4). Thunderbird 2 is a large, green VTOL aircraft that is used in most earth-based rescue missions. It is piloted by Virgil Tracy, who is often accompanied by either Scott Tracy, Alan Tracy, Gordon Tracy, Brains or sometimes Tin-Tin, and on at least one occasion by Lady Penelope.

Thunderbird 2 is 250 feet (76 m) long with a wingspan of 180 feet (55 m) and a height of 60 feet (18 m). A long-range craft, it is capable of reaching anywhere in the world without refueling, often shown flying just above sea level and has a maximum speed of 6,000 miles per hour (9,700 km/h), which is roughly Mach 7.82 (but cruises at 2,000 miles per hour (3,200 km/h), roughly Mach 2.6). It therefore arrives at the danger zone later than Thunderbird 1.


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