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As I search through my archives of pictures of model vehicles it becomes apparent that there are a number of them which represent the cars and carriages used by heads of state, so here they are.

I have been completely non-judgemental, if there is a car or carriage that was once associated with a king, queen, president, senior politician etc it gets included, regardless of whether the person who rode in it was one of the good guys or bad guys. The dates shown are their time in position.


1846-1878 1865-1909 1888-1918 1899-1906 1909-1934
Brumm 20; Papal Sedan; Pope Pius IX Minialuxe 30; 1905 Panhard Levassor; Tonneau, Roi des Belges Brumm 011; Dog Cart; Kaiser Wilhelm II Brumm 09; 1850 Horse Drawn Phaeton; Emile Loubet, French President 1899-1906 Franklin Mint RU78; 1911 Rolls-Royce Roi des Belges; White
Pope Pius IX Leopold II
King of Belgium
Wilhelm II
German Emperor
Émile Loubet
President of France
Albert I
King of Belgium

1900-1946 1910-1936 1910-1936 1914 1922-1943
IXO; 1939 Fiat 2800 Convertible; Vittorio Emanuelle III, King of Italy Oxford Diecast RD001; 1929 Daimler Double-Six; King George V, Sandringham Queen Mary Conrad/ NZG; Graf & Stift Double Phaeton; Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassination 1914 Gamma Models KLK-16; Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Cabriolet; Benito Mussolini
Vittorio Emanuelle III
King of Italy
George V
King of Great Britain
Queen Consort of George V of Great Britain
Franz Ferdinand
Heir Presumptive
Benito Mussolini
Italian Dictator

1933-1945 1933-1945 1934-1951 1936-1952 1936-1975
Rextoys 12R; 1938 Cadillac V16 Torpedo; Open Top, President Roosevelt Rio 64; 1938 Grande Mercedes, 8cyl, 7.7 Litres; Personale Di Hitler Plumbies; 1934 Bugatti Type 59; King Leopold III of Belgium Oxford Diecast HPL003; Humber Pullman Limousine; King George VI Minichamps 436 035600; 1939 Mercedes-Benz G4 (W31); General Franciso Franco
Franklin D. Roosevelt
President of the USA
Nazi Germany Leopold III
King of Belgium
George VI
King of Great Britain
Francisco Franco
Spanish Dictator

1939-1958 1949-1963 1952-2022 1952-1999 1953-1961
Rextoys; 1938 Cadillac V16 Sedanca; Popemobile, Pope Pius XII True Scale TSM124353; Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman State Limousine; 1963, West German Chancellor Atlas Editions 2 696 609; Daimler DS420 Limousine; HM Queen True Scale TSM144341; Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman State Limousine; 1975, King Hussein of Jordan Atlas Editions 2 696 626; Cadillac Series 62; Dwight D Eisenhower
Pope Pius XII Konrad Adenauer
Chancellor of W Germany
Elizabeth II
Queen of Great Britain
Hussein bin Talal
King of Jordan
Dwight D. Eisenhower
President of the USA

1954-1959 1958-1963 1959-1969 1961-1963 1963-1978
Atlas Editions; 1956 Citroen 15 Six Limousine; President Coty Rio 100/P; 1960 Mercedes-Benz 300D (W189) Limousine; Pope John 23rd Atlas Editions 2696 007; Simca Chambord V8 Presidentielle; Kennedy & de Gaulle, 1961 X-100 President Kennedy Car True Scale TSM124352; Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman State Limousine; 1965, Pope Paul VI
René Coty
President of France
Pope John XXIII Charles de Gaulle
President of France
John F Kennedy
President of the USA
Pope Paul VI

1969-1974 1978-2005 1981-1985 2022 -  
Dinky Toys 1435; Citroen DS Presidentielle Burago 18-21018; Mercedes-Benz G Wagen; Popemobile Vitesse 041E; 1993 Renault Safrane; Presidentielle, Francois Mitterand 1981-1995 SMTS; 1971 Aston Martin DB6 Volante; His Majesty King Charles III  
Georges Pompidou
President of France
Pope John Paul II Francois Mitterand
President of France
Charles III
King of Great Britain

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