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Standard Vanguard - 153 (40E)


Another of those irresistible organic motors from the early fifties, you just cannot help touching and stroking that smooth, rounded shape. The Vanguard though was quite a ground-breaking car marking the return of the Standard brand after the second war. Dinky cheated slightly with the model. This is the later version which was called the Phase II, The original Dinky was the Phase I model which had enclosed rear wheels, On the Phase II the rear wheels were opened up and that is represented here in the later Dinky model. However there was more to the Phase II than wheel arches. The profile of the car changed and it was given a defined boot. Dinky chose to ignore this change. The Phase III Vanguard is represented by the Corgi model from the late fifties.

The Vanguard had one more facelift after the Corgi version on the later body shape, which was styled very nicely by Vignale at the end of the Fifties, before disappearing for ever in 1963, replaced by the Triumph 2000.


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