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Bedford CF Van, AA - 412


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A Dinky Bedford CF van in AA livery, a bit bashed about. This one was going to be stripped and repainted without the AA sign in plain dark green with cream bumpers - to match the one I learnt to drive in back in the early seventies. We used it on the milk round we had as part of our Lakeland farm. Later when I'd passed my test it was always a bad day when someone else wanted the Dolly and I had to take my girlfriend out in the van, not cosy at all, no stereo or reclining seats and always that pervasive background smell from the spilt milk slowly turning to cheese in every corner of the vehicle. The price of nostalgia today? 64p plus 1.95 p&p.

However this is not a good model of the 1:1 vehicle. The wheels are terrible and will have to be changed, to what I'm not sure, depends what is in the parts bin. The front is completely wrong. There was no chrome at all. The bumper and the headlamp surrounds were in a contrasting colour to the bodywork, usually cream and the grille was self coloured. I don't thing the rear windows ever had glass on the model, but that can be put right.

There are no variations listed for this model. It is always shades of yellow with black plastic Speedwheels, values are best described as modest.


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