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Ford GT Racing Car - 215


On digging around I still cannot get to the bottom of this one. There is this car in the Dinky range and the Ford 40 RV. The latter looks more like the Ford GT40 which won Le Mans in the sixties but the bonnet is different on this one. I need to do some more research.

Dinky 215 the Ford GT was originally released in 1966 in white with spun hubs, later switching to cast wire spoked wheels. In 1970 it was changed from white to lime green which is seen with either red or yellow seats. The ones to look out for are white with spun hubs or green with red seats.

You will see in the photos below that the earlier, spun hubs release has plastic headlamp covers, flush with the bodywork, while the later version has jewelled lights. They also differ in the gold mask spraying on the engine, on the later model an attempt has been made to use the mask spray to pick out the engine detail.

White with cast wire spoked wheels   White with spun hubs

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