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Hillman Imp - 138



The Rootes Group was popular with Dinky right through the 50s and 60s, the Hillman Minx, the Sunbeam Rapier, the Singer Gazelle, the excellent Humber Hawk and at the latter days of the Marque came this little car that probably killed the Group off.

Why did a company which made mid and upper range cars with nice wooden dashboards and fine sporting saloons like the Rapier and the Sceptre in factories around Coventry open a new factory in Glasgow to produce a sub compact car with an all-alloy engine developed from a racing car and rear mounted? What made them think it would work? especially as BMC had just re-written the rule book with the brilliant Mini. Rootes were all but finished by the end of the decade and are now absorbed into Peugeot and only remembered when a special edition 307 is called something like 'Hunter' or 'Alpine'.

However the Imp was responsible for some of the nicest die-cast models of the 60s, both Dinky and Corgi and this is one of them. I've owned the green one since I was a child myself - more than 40 years, it's probably the thing I've owned longest of all my possessions and isn't it nice?


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