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Morris 1100 Saloon - 140


The Morris 1100 - everybody seemed to have one of these. They came as Austins, Rileys, Wolseleys, MGs, Van Den Plas and even a souped up version in orange called a GT and they were both 1100s and 1300s - oh and there was an estate version that you had to look at really hard to work out what was different.

It was a technologically advanced car with a transverse engine and front-wheel drive and on some of them a form of fluid-based suspension. This and its Ford rivals - the Cortina Mk 1 and later the Escort were a good metaphor for Sixties Britain. The Ford was old technology but looked flashy and US influenced, this was British, technologically advanced - but stodgy and a bit unreliable.

This model is a bit of a split personality too. The modelling is very good and truly represents the car, it is let down very slightly though by the engineering. Look closely at the pictures. The wheels are too small, the track is wrong, there is a heaviness here and there that should not be and actually it is not a very good casting - there's a lot of flash - excess metal squeezed out of the casting which remains on the surface of the model.

Actually I don't mind that too much because it is such an attractive object.


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