page last edited: 28 December 2017

Humber Hawk Saloon - 165


Not quite the very poshest end of the Rootes Group - there were Humber Super-Snipes and Imperials which nosed higher up the pecking order but this is the one the Police and undertakers used. Similar to the Super-Snipe and the Imperial but a 4 cylinder 2.3 rather than the 3 litre six in the more up-market models however it had the same huge body and six-seater capacity.

I've just looked it up and it squeezed only 78bhp out of that 2.3 litre engine and weighed more than one and a half tons - the 1725cc Humber Sceptre managed over 90bhp. The Hawk was for the driver who wanted a big, comfortable car and had a lot of patience - bit like my Grand Voyager really.

This is a classic Dinky toy, I really like it.


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