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Chevrolet El Camino Pick-up - 449


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It's a shame Chevrolet ratcheted down the styling was from the '59 Impala. This is the 1960 model which was still a very pretty car, I've placed pictures of a model of the '59 El-Camino alongside the Dinky to show the changes. The '59 Impala/El Camino was quite outrageous and one of my favourite cars of all time. Given my often stated liking of the early Impalas there is no surprise that this is a favourite Dinky.

This very stylish pick-up was in the Dinky range from 1961 through to 1969. The UK releases are all turquoise over off-white with red, yellow or turquoise interiors. These are all sought after and valued, the yellow and turquoise interiors being slightly better priced. However if you come across a South African release in turquoise over cream or all over turquoise, cream over caramel or cream all over, you have found a very rare and valuable item.

You will also find the turquoise over off-white truck in a set with a pair of red trailers, the set is model number 448.

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