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Vauxhall Victor Estate - 141


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They used to say of Vauxhalls back in the 60s; that you should not jack them up with the doors open because if you did the car would distort and you would not be able to close them. There aren't many old Vauxhalls still around because they did, genuinely, fall apart, so this is a nice reminder of a car that was once very commonly seen on the UK roads and now is a rare event.

The Vauxhall Victor was a reasonably sized car. I think the scale on this must be quite small as I remember it being bigger, certainly the model previous to this the FA was a largish US-influenced fin motor. I think this was the FB and was still a mid range saloon, this model makes it look small. However it is a fine model and, with only a few niggles around the engineering, one that I am proud to own.

The UK released models were all yellow with a blue interior. Boxed and mint models will get a fairly good price. There are some South African releases to look out for, coloured pink, pale yellow or cream, and these are extremely valuable. There is also a code 2 promotional release from the US with Lightning Fasteners decals which will be expensive too.

I like the Corgi accessory stickers on this one - shows it was loved. The box sadly is repro.


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