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Singer Vogue Saloon - 145


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Bank Managers and mid-ranking execs up and down the land owned these. If you were a bit flash, like my Dad, you had the Humber Sceptre version (which in Mk1 form had a different, lower roof line) or if you were slightly more junior (or sensible) you had the Hillman Super Minx variant. Real British 60s automotive metal. Solid and comfortable - they must have been heavy though and with a 1600cc engine a bit slow. I do remember though hitting the ton for the very first time being driven down the Preston By-Pass (later the M6) by my old Dad in his 1600 Sceptre. I guess the later 1725 twin carb. jobs were a bit better - I learnt to drive in a 1725 Mk3 Sceptre (like a Hillman Hunter) and that was quick and certainly handled well, never mind its 3 speed Borg Warner auto box. Suffice to say this model has quite a bit of baggage. Not just for me I guess judging by the price they fetch on eBay. Nice though isn't it?

This is an excellent piece of modelling from the great years when Dinky were absolutely at their peak. They are almost exclusively pale metallic green with a red interior and these are not that common so are fairly expensive. However Ramsay mentions a yellow version which is very highly valued indeed.


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