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Range Rover Ambulance - 268


This toy is more than 30 years old, but you would think it had been bought yesterday. It is in remarkable condition. It is another version of the excellent Dinky model of the early 2 door classic Range Rover. This is one of the ones that Dinky did better than Corgi. Corgi did an ambulance too, and it's not at all bad, but this one has more presence - follow this link to look at the Corgi - Link -
The Corgi only has an opening back - so the Dinky scores by having opening bonnet & doors, and the Dinky is nearer 1:43 scale where the Corgi looks about 1:50. But the Corgi does have opening panels where the rear side windows should be, although it did come out during Corgi's decline and is probably bought in anyway.
One other point worth noting is that both the Dinky and the Corgi appear to be carrying the same patient.

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